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ะะฐัˆ ั‚ะตะปะตะณั€ะฐะผ!
ะะพะฒั‹ะต ั€ะฐัะบั€ะฐัะบะธ ะบะฐะถะดั‹ะน ะดะตะฝัŒ! ะžั‡ะตะฝัŒ ัƒะดะพะฑะฝะพ ะธ ะดะพัั‚ัƒะฟะฝะพ!

Gladiolus is a member of the iris family and is native to the Mediterranean region. It is a perennial flower that blooms in the summer and can reach heights of up to four feet. The flowers come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, orange, and red. The flowers have a long, pointed petal that gives them a unique look.

Gladiolus is a popular choice for gardens and bouquets because of its vibrant colors and long-lasting blooms. It is also a great choice for cut flowers, as it can last up to two weeks in a vase. The flowers can be used to create beautiful arrangements and can be used to add a touch of color to any room.

Coloring pages featuring gladiolus are a great way to bring the beauty of this flower into your home. Whether you choose to color the flowers in their natural colors or create a unique design, you can create a beautiful piece of art that will bring a touch of nature into your home.

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